Friday, July 24, 2009

Retirement info

I just learned something important today about the retirement system and I wanted to correct any misinformation I might have given to folks. If you came on board prior to September 2001 you are under the legacy ERFC plan and obviously post 9/2001 you are on the new plan. Sick leave never applies to the VRS system which is the larger of the two checks.

I had thought that both ERFC plans allowed you to apply any remaining sick leave at retirement as service credit toward ERFC but I was mistaken. Folks who came to FCPS post 9/2001 will not be able to apply their remaining sick leave to their ERFC retirement as service credit. It is still a wise idea to save your sick leave because if you ever need to take time of to recover from something like a a surgery or to take FMLA. Sorry if I confused anyone before.

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