Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Man Jailed After Using LimeWire For ID Theft

Posted by Soulskill on Wednesday August 12, @12:31PM
from the guess-his-making-available-defense-didn't-work-either dept.
angry tapir sends along this excerpt from PC World:"A Seattle man has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for using the LimeWire file-sharing service to lift personal information from computers across the US. The man, Frederick Wood, typed words like 'tax return' and 'account' into the LimeWire search box. That allowed him to find and access computers on the LimeWire network with shared folders that contained tax returns and bank account information. ... He used the information to open accounts, create identification cards and make purchases. 'Many of the victims are parents who don't realize that LimeWire is on their home computer,' [said Kathryn Warma of the US Attorney's Office]."

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