Monday, August 31, 2009

No More Robocalls

Submitted by Shawn on Sunday, 30 August 2009


Starting on September 1, 2009 the Federal Trade Commission has decided to make automated marketing robocalls illegal. Telemarketers that violate this policy may face penalties up to $16,000 per call.

So which robocalls will still be permitted. The Federal Trade Commission will allow the following.
The rule amendments going into effect on September 1 do not prohibit calls that deliver purely “informational” recorded messages – those that notify recipients, for example, that their flight has been cancelled, an appliance they ordered will be delivered at a certain time, or that their child’s school opening is delayed. Such calls are not covered by the TSR, as long as they do not attempt to interest consumers in the sale of any goods or services. For the same reason, the rule amendments also do not apply to calls concerning collection of debts where the calls do not seek to promote the sale of any goods or services.”

“In addition, calls not covered by the TSR – including those from politicians, banks, telephone carriers, and most charitable organizations – are not covered by the new prohibition. The new prohibition on prerecorded messages does not apply to certain healthcare messages. The new rule prohibits telemarketing robocalls to consumers whether or not they previously have done business with the seller.”

I know ever one is glad that we can still receive automated calls from our politicians. [Federal Trade Commission]

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