Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mad Max Fans Hit the Desert for Apocalyptic Weekend

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    The captain of the Wasteland Elite Guard monitoring activity in the desert.
    Courtesy William Kirkley
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    CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. — If life after the apocalypse will be anything like Wasteland Weekend — theMad Max-inspired event in the California desert — then go ahead and push the red button.
    Approximately 700 people outfitted with scrap armor, leather, and homemade machetes gathered in the scrubland to re-create a post-apocalyptic world for three days, beginning last Friday. Wasteland Weekend came complete with mock blood sports, grinding industrial music, plastic-and-cardboard shanties, and two (yes two!) 1973 Australian Ford Falcon XB GT “Interceptors” modeled after the cars in the first two Mad Max films.

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