Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Verizon's My FiOS app puts your entire living room under one Android roof

By   posted Oct 19th 2011 10:49AM
Leaving home is hard, especially when you've got a backlog of on-demand movies and TV shows staring at you with big puppy dog eyes. Fortunately, however, Verizon has now come out with My FiOS -- a new app for Android users that promises to keep you constantly connected to all your home entertainment systems, and more. Released yesterday, this app allows users to remotely access movies, Flex View TV shows and home automation and monitoring systems directly from their handsets, while managing their accounts and billing via the provider's built-in customer service tools. Verizon clients can also use My FiOS to control their TVs, DVR players or home phones, and can even access some content straight from their devices. For now, the app is only available on Android 2.1 or above, though Verizon says an iOS version should hit the market "before year-end." Skim past the break for more information in the full PR, or hit up the source link below to download My FiOS for yourself.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a cool app for FIOS customers. I love my app through my provider/employer DISH Network. What makes DISH app better is that you can watch live TV from anywhere you are at. You can access all your subscription channels from any Android or IOS phone. I love this app and I am sure Verizon will eventually catch up to DISH technology.