Friday, December 5, 2008

Even the Army is Going Green(er)

army in the desertOkay, now the fight to beat global warming is getting real. The United States Army issued its first Sustainability Report in September, and I have to applaud them for their ambitious and outstanding example.

All new Army building construction will be LEED certified, they're decreasing their water use (already down 33% between 2004 and 2007!) and they're insulating tents!

Some of it is for the environment, but most of it is to help the cash strapped organization save some money. As we all know, greener practices make excellent financial sense. 

They're still trying to figure out how to reduce their production of toxic waste, and using renewable energy is still more of an idea than a practice. You have to believe that there is enough sun and wind in Afghanistan and Iraq to power all of the armies in the world -- and it's basically free -- so I'm sure we'll see more activity in that area.

It's a great start - GO ARMY!

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